Internal Family Systems

The premise of Internal Family Systems (IFS), developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz, is that each individual possesses a number of sub-personalities or parts. Sometimes these parts are in conflict. For example, one part of you may want to do something like leave your partner or job, but another part of you does not want to. IFS is a method in which to get to know and understand these parts, coordinated by the Self, in order to achieve inner harmony, balance and healing. In IFS, the Self is seen as who we truly are and is the undamaged, resourceful Self at the core of every person. By accessing and working with the Self it creates a safe, effective way to heal other more wounded, extreme parts that need unburdening and healing.

I have completed all levels of IFS training 1-3 and offer sessions in person or online


“I first became aware of IFS (Internal Family Systems) whilst my Father was in the final stages of Terminal Cancer. I was immediately drawn to it having been a regular meditator and recognising I needed some more tools to help me during a very difficult time in my life. I found the tools helped with the initial stages of my grief, yet I only had limited results without having someone else guide me through the processes.

Over the last 4 months I have had regular sessions with Claire and I’ve been amazed at the results! Claire has a very calming presence and made me feel at ease instantly. Following our sessions together I have overcome many negative emotions of grief and my life has transformed back to a very positive and happy one. I feel like my head is really clear, like I’ve been switched back on; and I made a few big life decisions that have allowed me to move forward. Additionally, I’ve rediscovered the motivation to eat healthily, started doing regular exercise again and have trimmed down which has been just wonderful. I highly recommend working with Claire and can’t thank her enough!!”

Nicki S, Bristol